CSPM5500 SPM Nano-Processing System


Pulse Voltage: -10V-+10V, Pulse Width: 0-200ms

Precise path and location

Customized BMP image

Maximum Load: 3×105nN

Any desired complicated pattern on Nano-scale

  Graphical Nano-lithography

The software allows user to create any desired pattern simply by loading in a BMP graph with the electro-oxidation technique.


The idea is to imprint a pattern on the surface using the prepared piece of nanostructured material (stamp) which is pressed against the surface leaving a characteristic pattern behind.

  Vector Scan



The software provides a set of commands that permit users to control all signals such as voltages, currents, pressures and forces.

  Dip-Pen Nano-lithography

A tip of the AFM can be used as a 'pen'. The tip is coated with thin film of molecules. During the process of tip movement, the molecules migrate from tip to surface and make a nanoscopic pattern on the surface.