Multi-Functions SPM System:Lithography Mode and Vector Scan Mode,Magnetic Force Microscope (MFM) / Electric Force Microscope (EFM),Environmental Control SPM,Nano-Processing.
High quality,Low Price AFM probes.
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AFM, STM, MFM/EFM, Conductive AFM, SPM in liquid, Environmental control SPM, Nano-processing...
High performance, Low price, Multi-function, and Easy Operation
Temperature and humidity Sensors are embedded in CSPM5500 system,monitor by LED.
A TipHolder-Liquid Cell system can be employed in CSPM5500 by which SPM in liquid can be achieved.
Magnetic Force Microscope(MFM) And Electric Force Microscope(EFM).
Graphical Nano-lithography,Nano-Embrassing,Vector Scan,and Dip-Pen Nano-lithography.
OpenSys system is a platform for unconventional experiments or further second developments.

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