Composite insulators with a superhydrophobic coating can tremendously improve the reliability and stability of
transmission line systems and railway systems; thus, they play a crucial role in global electricity issues and
power systems. However, the majority of superhydrophobic coatings for composite insulators suffer from
weaknesses, such as poor mechanical stability and complicated and toxic preparation processes. To improve
these defects, a multifunctional, micro-nanoscale SiO2/epoxy resin superhydrophobic coating for composite
insulators was created. The coating maintained excellent superhydrophobicity through a bending experiment, a
twisting test, a knife-scratch, a durability test, a pH test and UV light treatment. Moreover, it also performed well
in the areas of anti-icing, high thermal stability (300 °C), self-cleaning and antifouling. In view of abovementioned
advantages, composite insulators with the proposed superhydrophobic coating show great potential
for the national economy and power industry.


Wenyu Peng,Xuelian Gou,Hongling Qin,Meiyun Zhao,Xinze Zhao,Zhiguang Guo.


Chemical Engineering Journal,352,774-781(2018)