With the development of surface treatment technology, an increasing number of bearings, seals, dynamic friction drive or even biomedical devices involve a textured surface to improve lubrication and anti-wear. The present investigation has been conducted in order to evaluate the friction and wear behaviours of textured polyaryl-ether-ether-ketone (PEEK) coated with a graphite-like carbon (GLC) film sliding against stainless steel pin in biological medium. Compared with pure PEEK, the PEEK coated with GLC film shows excellent tribological performance with a low friction of 0.08 and long lifetime (wear volumes are about 3.78 × 10−4 mm3 for un-textured one and 2.60 × 10−4 mm3 for textured GLC film after 36,000 s of sliding) under physiological saline solution. In particular, the GLC film with appropriate dimple area density is effective to improve friction reduction and wear resistance properties of PEEK substrate under biological solution, which is attributed to the entrapment of wear debris in the dimples to inhibit the graphitization and the fluid dynamic pressure effect derived from the texture surface to increase the thickness in elastohydrodynamic lubrication (EHL) film during sliding motions. Moreover, the friction coefficient of GLC film under physiological saline solution decreases with the increase in the applied load. With the increasing applied load, the texture surface is responsible for accounting the improved wear resistance and a much lower graphitization of the GLC film during whole test.


Siming Ren,Jinxia Huang,Mingjun Cui,Jibin Pu,Liping Wang.


Applied Surface Science,400,24-37(2017)