Controlled growth of high-quality patterned perovskite films on a large scale is
essentially required for the application of this class of materials in functional
integrated devices and systems. Herein, graphene-assisted hydrophilic–
hydrophobic surface-induced growth of Cs-doped FAPbI3 perovskite films
with well-patterned shapes by a one-step spin-coating process is developed.
Such a facile fabrication technique is compatible with a range of spin-coated
perovskite materials, perovskite manufacturing processes, and substrates. By
employing this growing method, controllable perovskite photodetector arrays
are realized, which have not only prominent photoresponse properties with a
responsivity and specific detectivity of 4.8 AW−1 and 4.2 × 1012 Jones, respectively,
but also relatively small pixel-to-pixel variation. Moreover, the photodetectors
array can function as an effective visible light image sensor with a
decent spatial resolution. Holding the above merits, the proposed technique
provides a convenient and effective pathway for large-scale preparation of patterned
perovskite films for multifunctional application purposes.


ChunYan Wu,Zhenyu Wang,Lin Liang,Tijun Gui,Wei Zhong,RuiChao Du,Chao Xie,Li Wang,LinBao Luo.