As promising candidates for intelligent
biomimetic applications similar to living organisms, smart
soft materials have aroused extensive interest due to their
extraordinarily designable structures and functionality.
Herein, a bubble-like elastomer-based electronic skin that
can be pneumatically actuated is achieved through hydrophilic/
hydrophobic interphase mediated asymmetric functionalization.
The asymmetric and controllable introduction
of elastic polydimethylsiloxane into the carbon
nanotube film at the air/water interface can endow the
Janus ultrathin film with tunable conductivity, selfadhesivity,
self-adaptivity, and even self-sealing properties.
As a result, the Janus films can be employed as
multifunctional electronics, including self-adhesive strain sensing/thermal managing devices and even noncontact
mechanical sensors as artificial eardrums for tiny air-pressure detection. Significantly, these excellent features can further
enable the integration of actuating and sensing functions. As a proof of concept, the Janus film can serve as a selfsupported
device to simultaneously imitate the controllable contracting/expanding behaviors of the vocal sac of frog and
monitor the real-time current change in this process, demonstrating significant potential in smart bionic applications.


Peng Xiao,Yun Liang,Jiang He,Lei Zhang,Shuai Wang,Jincui Gu,Jiawei Zhang,Youju Huang,Shiao-Wei Kuo,and Tao Chen.


ACS Nano,13(4),4368-4378(2019)