Long-term accurate pulse monitoring can provide much physiological parameter information in a non-invasive
way. A versatile pressure sensor with high sensitivity over a wide linear range (up to 10 kPa) is thus especially
desired for this purpose. However, the trade-off between linearity region and sensitivity has not been well
balanced. Despite micro/nanostructure morphologies, our simulation and mechanism analyses found that a
thinner structure and better conductivity property of the sensing layer contribute to a larger linearity range and
higher sensitivity, respectively. However, these two properties are often difficult to achieve simultaneously in
one traditional material. Herein, a novel material design strategy is developed to fabricate a self-assembled
graphene sensing film, in which the conductivity and thickness can be well balanced. As a result, our sensor
exhibits unprecedented comprehensive properties with both high sensitivity (1875.53 kPa−1) and wide linear
detection range (0–40 kPa). The sensor is also endowed with good stability and high peak signal-noise ratio
(78 dB). Taking advantages of these performances, a universal high accuracy wireless and wearable pulse
monitoring system was built. This platform first provides the subtle arterial pulse signal information even under
the interference of strong body movement in real-time (during running or cycling), which could not have been
realized before. This wearable system is expected to provide more rich and accurate information for personalized
diagnostic applications in the future.


Jiang He,Peng Xiao,Wei Lu,Jiangwei Shi,Ling Zhang,Yun Liang,Caofeng Pan,Shiao-Wei Kuo,Tao Chen.


Nano Energy,59,422-433(2019)