The superhydrophobic paper containing CMC, HAP and ZnO was prepared by a novel and facile method with
eco-environmental and modifier-free process. The superhydrophobic property is effectively controlled by different
amount of ZnO, which might be effect of surface roughness of the paper. Except for the common performances,
such as self-cleaning property, chemical durability and mechanical abrasion durability, the excellent
thermal stability and anti-bacterial properties will dramatically extend the practical applications of the paper. In
addition, such paper still maintains its superhydrophobicity after flammable oil adsorption-combustion, further
validating its excellent fire-resistant property. The combination of superhydrophobicity and flame retardancy
can largely enhance the durability of the paper. These characteristics make the multifunctional paper a better
candidate than the commercial paper, which may be a breakthrough in paper-making industries.


Gang Wen,Xiaoyu Gao,Pan Tian,Lieshuang Zhong,Zelinlan Wang,Zhiguang Guo.


Chemical Engineering Journal,346,94-103(2018)