Poly(L-lactic acid) (PLLA) nanocomposites reinforced with graphene oxide (GO) or GO grafted with PLLA
(GO-g-PLLA) were prepared by solution blending and then compression molding method, where
GO-g-PLLA was synthesized via one step based on in situ polycondensation of the L-lactic acid monomers
initiated by lyophilized GO. The average thickness of GO was increased by about 2 nm and the weight
percent of grafted PLLA chains in obtained GO-g-PLLA was as high as 30.8%. It was clearly evidenced that
the functionalization of GO with this method enhanced its dispersion and interfacial interactions with the
PLLA matrix and thus improved the final thermostability and mechanical properties of nanocomposites.
The flexural and tensile strength of PLLA/GO-g-PLLA nanocomposites were increased by 114.3% and
105.7%, respectively, compared with neat PLLA.


Wenxiao Li,Zhiwei Xu,Lei Chen,Mingjing Shan,Xu Tian,Caiyun Yang,Hanming Lv,Xiaoming Qian


Chemical Engineering Journal,237,291-299(2014)